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SkyCity Entertainment Group, also known as simply Skycity, is a gaming and entertainment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It owns and operates five casino properties in New Zealand and Australia, which include a variety of restaurants and bars, two luxury hotels, convention centres, and Auckland's Sky Tower.


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cashier (Former Employee) says

"this job is not beneficial to any employees. pay is unfair. some departments were rude and did not care about the wide range of customers that walked through the doors"

Admissions Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management is awful and treat it's employees like animals unless you are part of their culture. Management needs training in professionalism. You won't be considered for advancement unless you are part of the culture. Expect to get underpaid despite having a degree and experience. Don't expect a pay raise or job promotion despite your education and experience.Discounts at hotel and hr staff are friendlyMANAGEMENT HAVE NO professional etiquette"

Team Leader / Valet Driver (Former Employee) says

"At first working there was amazing. Management team actually cared about their employees. Once management changed, there was a complete lack of care for anything and safety went out the window."

Maintenance Technician/Grounds Keeper (Former Employee) says

"It is a good environment to work. Though the pay was not really worth the work or effort at times. Plus not a fan of half breeds delt with some racism profiling."

Cashier/ Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Fast paste environment a lot of customer service living the gambling life. I learn customer service was a hug deal at the casino, fairly easy going communication was the key to everything. The co-workers where help full and friendly, and working graveyard was not easy but once the casino life kicks in the time flew by. Payday was the best days had the weekends off, that was the best it could have gotten.Discount for employeesCan not be late, write up was common."

Surveillance Officer (Current Employee) says

"I usually wake up at 3 O'clock in the morning as I prepare myself to go to work before 6 O'CLOCK in the morning when my duty starts.During the day I happen to meet with new clients and also new challenges which I have to handle each time differently and this gives me a lot of motivation since I like my job.I have learned how to handle the different clients who have different backgrounds and also to be patience while handling ever situation.The management is very understanding and supportive to the staff in case of emergencies and other arising matters.I enjoy working together with my co-workers since we are a team and I get to learn new things and experiences everyday.The hardest part of the job is when I have to concentrate for over 6 hours due to influx of customers playing in the different areas and have to keep a close monitoring.I enjoy working all day despite the hard situation I may come across day to lunches and tips"

Barry says

"We visited the Casino yesterday Friday 1st July We visited the new Food Court and I selected fish and chips cost 15 Dollars. On receiving my meal I saw that the coating of the fish appeared over done. On attempting to eat the fish I found the coating was that over done that even attacking it with a knife it would not break apart easily and it was simply uneatable. I completed my meal excluding the fish coating and decided to complain. The supervisor was very disinterested other to complain when i showed the quality of the coating and some bits fell to the floor (and did not break) The comment from the Supervisor stated that the coating was a bad batch. I stated that the fish coating had been over cooked and was not a bad batch. She was not interested. I advise people to be very careful when eating at the food court given the quality of the cooking and the staff disinterest in ensuring quality "

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